MERCI Workshop concluded 1600 1000 MERCI
MERCI Workshop concluded

On Thursday, April 18th and Friday, April 19th, our MERCI project had the pleasure of organizing two workshops on DECT NR+ at the Sennheiser headquarters in Wedemark, Germany. Standardization meets R&D The aim of this workshop was to bring together standardization experts from the ETSI TC DECT with researchers and developers. The following topics were…

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Academic partner released a new publication 1792 1024 MERCI
Academic partner released a new publication

During the annual German conference on acoustics, DAGA 2024, our academic partner Leibniz University Hannover presented a paper introducing the DECT NR+ technology to the German acoustic community. The paper focuses on the merit of a new technology for PMSE. In the paper, a short history of wireless microphones is given, as well as a…

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First MERCI public workshop 515 243 MERCI
First MERCI public workshop

The MERCI project is happy to announce its first public workshop. Directly after the ETSI TC DECT Meeting #101 the delegates can join us on the first public workshop to discuss DECT NR+. Sennheiser is offering the hospitality to all participants for this unique opportunity to connect directly with the creators of the DECT-2020 NR…

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ETSI TC DECT launches new work items 679 262 MERCI
ETSI TC DECT launches new work items

Three new work items have been launched in ETSI TC DECT for the future of the DECT NR+ standard. These are direct results from the MERCI project and will be directly fed with results by the ETSI and MERCI members at the further ETSI TC DECT meetings from the MERCI project in 2024. These are…

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MERCI members active at Wireless Congress and DECT World 950 378 MERCI
MERCI members active at Wireless Congress and DECT World

MERCI consortium members gave presentations at the Wireless Congress ( ) on 07.11.2023 and 08.11.2023 and represented and explained DECT NR+ as a technology. The DECT NR+ session was characterized by presentations from members of the MERCI consortium. Discussions with the new emerging participants of the DECT NR+ ecosystem stimulate the members of MERCI…

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MERCI consortium meeting 1386 1040 MERCI
MERCI consortium meeting

The MERCI project met with its members on 06.11.2023 and 07.11.2023 in Munich. Our host and associated partner, Bayrischer Rundfunk (BR), provided us with premises directly in the center of Munich. At the meeting, we were able to discuss the status of developments within the project as well as the next steps. During the meeting,…

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